Write a dialogue between two people:

i. Mr. Raghuvan
ii. Mr. Sen
   [Mr. Raghavan is a journalist. He comes from Chennai to Kolkata. Mr. Sen, his friend, invites him to dinner. Read the conversation and report it to another person

a dialogue between two people about dinner


Mr. Raghavan: Good Morning, Mr. Sen. How do you do?
Mr. Sen: How do you do? When have you been here?
Mr. Raghavan: Just two days back. 
Mr. Sen: Are you busy this evening?
Mr. Raghavan: No. I'm free in the evening.
Mr. Sen: Would you please come to dinner in the evening?
Mr. Raghavan: Thank you for your kind invitation. I'll meet you just at 8 p.m. Is that all right?
Mr. Sen: Yes, that's all right. We may know many things about Chennai.
Mr. Raghavan: Of course. I'll have a chance of learning many things about West Bengal too. I'll show you some pictures collected in my album.
Mr Sen: Oh, that will be a lot of fun. Do please bring your album.
Mr. Raghavan: Thank you very much. Bye
Mr. Sen: Bye.

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