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Letter to Bank requesting to open a Savings Bank.

Letter to Bank requesting to open a Savings Bank.

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The Branch Manager
United Bank of India,
Shyam Bazar Branch,

      Sub: Open a Savings Bank. 

                   I intend to open a Savings Bank Account with your branch for which I obtained necessary forms. However, I was told by the officer-in-charge at the counter that due to too many applicants, it may not be possible to accept my application at the moment.
             The above decision has put me in many difficulties. I was so long residing in North Kolkata where I had a Saving Bank Account with the State Bank of India. I have recently shifted my household in Shyambazar area which is very near to your Shyam Bazar Branch. There is no State Bank Branch in the locality where I could transfer my previous a/c. In the circumstances, I need an account with your branch very badly.
           Hope you will please reconsider the case and permit me to open an account. 
                 Thanking You,
                                     Yours faithfully,
7th Dec,18                      Vijay Paul

Vijay Paul
245/5c B.T Road

intend -इरादा 


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Write a letter to the Postmaster General,requesting opening a Branch Post office in your area.

Write a letter to the Postmaster General, West Bengal, requesting opening a Branch Post office in your area.

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The Postmaster General, G.P.O,
Kolkata 700 001,
West Bengal

         Sub: Opening a Branch of Post office
        May I draw your kind notice to the distressing fact that there is no post office within
the radius of 5 kilometres of our village Dhamla, P.S. Khanakul, Dt. Hooghly. The sub-post
office at Khanakul is more than 5 kilometres away from our village.
        The village under reference has a fair ground for having a post office of its own. Its population including that of the surrounding villages exceeds ten thousand and it is mostly inhabited by middle-class people. The number of outgoing letters amounts to someone
hundred a day and the incoming letters are almost the same. At the end of every month more
than one hundred money-orders are received by the villagers. These facts prove that a post office in this area is a pressing need.
          It is worth-mentioning here that Dhamla is adjacent to Radhanagar, the birth place of Raja Rammohun Roy, the pioneer of modern India. And having no post office in such an area is matter of shame not only to the people of the locality, but to the government too.
         Under circumstances, I would request you to take necessary action in the mater so that a Branch Post office be opened in our village at an early date.

                           Thanking You,

                                                               Yours faithfully,
25th Nov,18                                             Rahul Singh

Rahul Singh
Khanakul, Hooghy